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La Cour Wedding Venue in McKinney, TX

This Texas wedding had the most perfect weather to allow for a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception at La Cour Wedding Venue in McKinney, Texas.

Let me set the scene. 

Everyone in the wedding party wore black - yes - including the bridesmaids! The groom's all black tux provided a great contrast beside the bride's gorgeous white wedding gown.

The groomsmen rocked their black tuxes with burgundy ties, and the bridesmaids wore floor-length black bridesmaid dresses. Just look at how great they all look together; such a classy group!

Cameron and his groomsmen did their finishing touches outdoors, because truly, the weather was amazing. There was a nice breeze flowing all throughout the day, so thankfully no sweaty clothes!

The ladies, of course, got ready indoors and while the bride got ready, we had the bridesmaids line up outside for the bride's big reveal to them.

I could feel those wedding jitters start to creep in as the moment Logan had been waiting for was finally here. In just a few moments, she would walk down the aisle toward the love of her life!

But first - a dress reveal with her bridesmaids!